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The Death of the Containers

I’m declaring Jan 24, 2012 an official MDM mourning day. I found out today that it is official they killed MDM containers in R75. So sites that have more than 250 domains….good luck. I am trying to figure out why? and what are Enterprise customers suppose to do? This is the beauty of MDM, the scalability.

I hear that you can support 500 on 1 R75.20 MDM, but I see sites die at 250. Memory pig. I’m guessing we will have to wait for 64-bit Gaia to put larger MDM environments on top of it.

More gossip just in. I hear 250 is the limit and MDS starts creaking at 100 domains. Depends on size of object database. (Guess you need Tufin to clean up those databases!!!).

MDM 75.30 is out

Just FYI its out.  I noticed it was initially hard to find it because they didn’t categorize it correctly, but here is an

easy way to get downloads.

  1. Go to support center
  2. Below the search bar find your appropriate product by clicking on the icons. Go to management
  3. Go to management and MDM areas
  4. Then to go ‘downloads’
  5. You will see 75.30 and all the other downloads for MDM
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