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License mumbo jumbo

This is more of a “NOTE TO SELF”. I have a licensing brain block so I have to track these tidbits….

When firewalls have LOCAL licenses.

FIREWALLXXX  has two licenses generated:

1) FIREWALLXXX  has a local gateway license that obviously let’s it do firewall stuff
2) FIREWALLXXX has a management portion with 3 features

# cplic print -D  never CPVP-SNX-5-NGX CPSB-SWB CPSB-ADNC-M CK-00-1C-7F-XX-XX-XX
1) CPVP-SNX-5-NGX : Manage SSL VPN for 5 users – we can ignore not used
2) CPSB-SWB: Turns the archaic SNX-NGX license into a blade license – we can ignore
3) CPSB-ADNC-M : Allows the management station to administrate a ACTIVE-ACTIVE load balanced cluster – we can ignore not used

Summary: As long as a management station has the DMN-U license it can manage most functions of a firewall.



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