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You can resize /var/log/messages – Always wanted this

Have you noticed that whenever you are in panic mode and need to look at /var/log/messages, that it has already filled up and you have lost your logs because they scrolled off the end of the earth?

Increase size of /var/log/messages

Check this out,


GAIA commands, categorized

So I asked CP if there was any definitive documentation on GAIA commands. No such luck. Seems like only about 1/2 the commands are documented.

Oh well, what do you want for $300 slide rails.

So I took a stab at it. I created a table of GAIA commands and I made up some categories. You can use this to assign roles to users.

gaia commands

UPDATE 5/18/2013

They finally showed some of the GAIA features:

Enjoy GAIA geeks,


Helen's Loom

"Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God." - Kurt Vonnegut

Life Stories from Dreez

These are stories from my travels. Generally I like to write stories about local people that I meet and also brag about living the retirement dream with my #1 wife Gaby. She is also my only wife.