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Cluster priorities, upgrades and failover

Oh this is a little tidbit that will make your cluster upgrades a bit easier especially if you are using dynamic routing.

  • cphastop, pushing policy
    Will failover the cluster to the highest priority member even with “maintain current active gateway” enabledmaintain current active gateway
  • clusterXL_admin down/up, reboot, cpstop/start
    Will maintain the active member

So during upgrades, the first thing you should do is arrange your cluster priority in the order you do upgrades. So if you upgrade member B first, make that your highest priority member.  That way you can be sure to keep it the active member no matter what happens to Member A.

Dynamic Routing People: I’m not convinced DR is working with failover and its subtle. Sometimes during failovers the routes are still in the table for a while while the cluster members re converge. But the active member gets stuck in EXSTART (show ospf neighbors) and after a while depending on timing routes start to drop. Without knowing this you are not sure if you have a routing or cluster problem. So make sure you know where the active member is at all times and keep it that way.

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