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The birds are singing – Palo Alto NanoRama Doesn’t Scale

Stand corrected: NanoRama

I’ve heard rumors that PanoRama doesn’t scale, but received more confirmation from one of my peeps. Seems like PanoRama  is more like NanoRama.  My peeps tell me that at one shop that is trying to convert that had one P1/MDM, it took 3-4 NanoRamas to do part of the work that the whole P1/MDM did. They used background scripts to sync objects amongst the NanoVisions.

On the plus side stability was good and app control seems to work.

IMHO CP has to get its new uber R80 MDM out and it has to work. As in the past MDM/Logging has carried CP the distance in the past, and it will in the future —-  as long as it works. Competition is getting stiff out there.

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