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Midpoint Technology

Midpoint Technology

OK I admit I’m old school. I was on the original team that designed one of the first firewalls to market – The Sidewinder with Secure Computing (now McAfee/Intel). Sidewinder was my baby and I loved working at SCC. And even today Sidewinder has some cool features….but it still doesn’t have what drew me to be a Check Point fanatic…logging and management.
I made some coin at SCC during the IT boom (and since lost a lot of it) and my low-budget lifestyle allowed me to be an independent security bum who worked to rock climb. But when when my pal John Ford offered me this position at Midpoint I jumped. Why you ask? THE FOCUS!!!! baby. I am totally in love with Check Point logging and management. Its almost a phobia. I actually dream about it at night…new features I’d like to add, how to optimize rulesets, cool architectures based on it, reasons why the competitors are so lame. I’ll spend an hour trying to explain cross-CMA searches to my girlfriend Gaby. I think even John is sick of my Check Point management speeches.
So here I am Director of Training and Services and this is my open ended unfiltered blog of the good, the bad and the ugly of Check Point and the security industry in general. Hope you are able to pick up some tidbits that enhance your career….and of course buy more Check Points from Midpoint.

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