Making LDAP/Identity Awareness SmartDashboard User Picker Go Faster…And even Fix it

So our SmartDashboard user picker keeps breaking. So turns out for Yet To Be Determined Reason (YTBD) the User Picker gloms onto an LDAP server specified in a random LDAP AU. I haven’t figured this part out yet. So if the LDAP server goes down or is in SIBERIA, your user picker experience will make you want to switch to Cisco ASA. Remember, the UserPick in Dashboard is making queries from YOUR PC!!!!!   So you need to find a LDAP server closer to your PC. The User Picker is pretty darn sensitive to latency so you won’t know if its broke or tired, it just randomly works. It took me forever to figure out how to make the UserPicker wire into an LDAP server that is faster. This is it

  1. 1) Note what LDAP server the UserPicker is currently using by expanding the user list. In the example below it is going to the SIBERIA-DC.uesrpickerborke
  2. .Now you have to go through all your AUs and figure out which AU points to the SIBERIA LDAP server. Hopefully you are able to change it to a DC that is more local to your UserPicker. You might have to duplicate this UA and assign the new one to the SIBERIA firewall and keep this one for the UserPicker.faster
  3. If you have multiple DCs in your list, you have to pick the lowest latency one here. This is what decides what DC User Picker will use.

Yeah, I know its a hassle but I PROMISE you its fixed in R80. PROMISE!!!.



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