YADT – Yet Another Debug Tool

Its no state secret that there have been one or two …..ehehmmmmm let’s see how do I say this….design inconsistencies…. in CP code since the solid-as-a-rock-days-R65. Just found another cool tool to help in the debugging. Not sure when this showed up but sure is welcomed. Bugs are a pain in the butt, but when there are tools to help us help ourselves, it takes the edge off.

Thank You CP! Keep it coming (the debug tools I mean, not the bugs)



UPDATE: More info from Chris. Thanks Chris!

If you enable CP_DEV_MODE, you get more debug options.


The SmartConsole logs go into a directory on the PC.  in my case c:\program files (x86)\checkpoint\SmartConsole\R77.20\PROGRAM\data and have a name that starts with rule-base
There is also a utility in c:\program files (x86)\checkpoint\SmartConsole\R77.20\Program named traceutil.exe   This allows specific debugging options to be enabled.


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