Finally! be able to debug application control!!! New fw ctl debug flag sheet

Long time ago I asked Sergei if he could update this critical document. Sergei spent months updating the fw ctl debug flags. Then he spent more months getting the bureaucracy to release it to us unwashed peasants. Up to today it has been a bitch debugging things like application control because you can’t see inside the monster. Thanks to Sergei we now have a chance of fending for ourselves. If you get a chance please thank Sergei for his work (via linkedin) and provide comments. He will be glad to incorporate them.  I am being dramatic here because the more positive feedback we supply the the more internal information they will release in the future. This is a huge win-win for all of us.



  1. 1) Run this command to see all supported/existing flags on your version:
    # fw ctl debug -m
  2. 2) After enabling debug flags for a module, run this command to verify:
    # fw ctl debug -m MODULE



For those who live in SK land like I do, hopefully you all realize how the quality of the SK’s have improved this past year. Sergei Shir  and his crew:

1) Knowledge Center Manager – Uri Lewitus  (all the major changes in the quality and quantity of solutions are his initiative + he released my debugging document) –
2) Knowledge Center Technology Leader – Ronen Zel (his knowledge of our internal systems is crucial to our team)
3) Knowledge Content Developer – Stella Shteinbuk –
4) Knowledge Content Developer – David Kornfield

are knocking them dead. Its a little bit sad that people like Sergei don’t get more credit when people like us are keeping 25% of the world’s economy online (well, CP is in all the top Fortune 100 so made that number up) thanks to people like Sergei having our back. Please make sure and provide comments on the SKs so they can show upper management how important they are to keeping CheckPoint on top of its game. Win-Win-Win.

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