Number of log events per day and second

Ever want to know how many log events per day and per second (in a day) you are generating??? Derived from this SK.

You can run this on your MLM MDS from the root mdsenv and NOT inside a domain context.


. $CPDIR/tmp/
# Print log rate data on all Domains
for DOMAIN in $(ls -1 $MDSDIR/customers)
mdsenv “$DOMAIN” > /bin/null
mcd log > /bin/null
ls -al *.logptr | awk ‘{split($9,a,”_”);print a[1],$5 }’ | sort | awk -v mds=$DOMAIN -F ” ” ‘{s[$1]+=$2} END {for (i in s) printf “%s,%s,%d,%f\n”, mds,i,s[i]/4,s[i]/4/86400} ‘ | sort

exit 0


Try this environment too

. $MDS_CPDIR/tmp/
. $MDS_SYSTEM/shared/

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