Grasshopper – What is a Blade you ask?

So I just figured out why I have no clue how licensing works. ‘Blade’ is totally an overloaded term. Seems like CP management, marketing, licensing and GUI people should have lunch together.

I was investigating today’s meaning of Performance Pack PP,  Acceleration and Clustering ACCL, Advance Data Networking ADN or ADNC Advanced Data Networking and Clustering.  These were, are, is, going to be…a ‘blade’ at some point in the marketing branding cycle. CP ADNC blade.

So if today’s definition 12/4/2013 of ACCL is a blade, then what is ClusterXL? Is it a function? Then what is IPS? A blade or a function?

For me, when I hear the term ‘blade’, it should show up in the SmartDashboard GUI with a checkbox next to it.I don’t see PowerPack, ADN, ACCL in the SmartDashboard GUI. ADNC kinda appears in the GUI. Is it a Blade?  A Bundle of Blades in the GUI or a bundle of features? But it is sold as a license ‘blade’.

Seems like CP needs to sync their marketing and licensing with their implementation.
 They overload the term Blade too many times.
At least Blade was a cool movie. They should ask Wesley Snipes for advice.
Dull Blade,
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