FWD zombie – Anyone else?


So I’m taking a poll here. One of our ‘busy’ gateways is always logging locally and we are dropping logs. The box is a total overkill and hardly breathing (See this to verify), but still logs are dropping constantly. I know we aren’t the only one this is happening to because my other customers are seeing exact same problem.

I happen to catch it while on the box and the weirdest thing  is happening that I sent to support and verified with them. The FWD process disappears. It seems that while FWD is logging locally FWD will NOT show up in a ‘ps -ef’ or on ‘top’.



As soon as its done writing the local log file, it re-appears in ‘ps -ef’. But it did NOT die, because the run time is still high! It just zombied on me:


Why do you care? Well turns out development won’t look at it until they can replicate it or get more samples. I don’t blame them because I might be smoking ragweed.

So if anyone else is having this problem and wants to form a united front so development can get moving on this, drop me a line via HERE.

Thanks and we’ll be keeping a light on for ya,



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