What the hell is a “Required Interface”???

I know you and the rest of the world knows this but I just figured this out after an interaction with the SK people.

I was having flapping problems and was reading sk44268  and was pretty broad. I also googled “required interfaces” and came up blank.

So they fixed sk44268, referred me to this great SK on internal cluster functions ClusterXL ATRG sk93306 (tons of details) and I thought I would
summarize for the common peasants:

Required interfaces is the summary of

1) Clustered interfaces (VIP)
2) Sync interfaces

This CLI shows 3 Required Interfaces: 1 sync and 2 clustered


This (different config)GUI shows 4 “Required Interfaces”, 3 clustered, 1 sync.



Better: Cluster requires X number of interfaces to be available and sending receiving CCP packets.
1) If Cluster does NOT see CCP packets on X required interfaces, it fails over.
2) If Cluster members have different number of X required interfaces it fails over thinking one went down.
3) VLANs are counted in this required count …… forgot how?? I think the first and last on the clustered interface
4) Required interfaces CAN be modified on the fly by modifying the topology and pushing policy….but sometimes it doesn’t work and you have to reboot
5) Required interfaces are listed as “cluster interfaces” and “sync” interfaces in the gui (above)

6) At boot time, these cluster/sync interfaces are counted and set to Required Interfaces. But they can be modified in SmartDashboard and topology when you push policy
Short and sweet …. I think?? I’m the first to described this!!
Wow, living large.
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