MDS puts customer data in wrong partition

OK I know this has been around a while,  but in R75.40-48 (not sure what other versions) they put the customer/domain databases ($MDSDIR/customers) in the / partition (/var/opt/CPmds-R75.40/customers)…which by default is not all that big. It should go into /var/log/opt/CPmds-R75.40 (if it was my decision). So at some random event when you least expect it your / partition fills up and suprise!!! hope you had backups because you could corrupt your databases.

Oh yeah, backups (mds_backup, mds_restore) by default run in / partition. Also every time a user starts a SmartDashboard in write mode it uses 200MB of data in the / partition.  So any of these factors could give you problems if at same time you are saving a domain if you partition is not big enough.

Anyways…so you can move them to /var/log somewhere but of course backups and restores will blow up when you least expect it. You could use the double secret patch HA 46_184…BUT…. the patch HARD CODES where you have to move the customer data and wires it into /var/log (instead of /var/log/opt/CPmds-R75.40 where it really should be). ALSO it requires that you call it “customers” instead of relying on the sym link “$MDSDIR/customers”.

I got to find this all out at the best time of course…database corruption error(s) that luckily we were able to fix or was a false positive.

Check to make sure your backups are running properly after applying the patch.

Learn from my mistakes..I never do!

Firewalls rule,


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