Don’t put IA on the log servers – most the time

OK, I feel stupid.

I read the documentation and blindly did what it told me to do. Well I guess that will work out in a mom and pop shop, but bad things will happen when you do it at the enterprise level

Don't do IA on log servers

Don’t do IA on log servers

If you ever put IA on a log server, it will go collect log events from ALL DC’s registered in the LDAP AUs for the whole domain/DMS/CMA!!!! So if you have 1000 DCs registered, it will accept from all of them.


On top of this….you don’t need it. The gateways will collect the IA information and send it along with the logs….assuming you are running IA on the gateways.

So if you ever think that the pipe going to your log servers is jammed with Windows events, you might want to re-architect how you collect IA logs.

Old dogs learn slowly. NEVER read the documentation!

Accept any any any



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