Cool fw ctl debug notes cheat sheet

I found these in my archive and can’t find them anywhere else on the Internet so decided to share.

fw ctl debug-odd  pages and fw-ctl-debug-even pages   cheat sheet

Sergei Shir of CP Intl Support did a great job creating this. I’m going to see if he has an update.

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  • dreezman  On March 13, 2013 at 7:38 pm

    Email from The Man Sergei:

    There are no separate modules of flags for VSX – the same usual modules and flags apply because the Check Point kernel is the same
    The only special thing is:
    prior to R75.40VS = the syntax of ‘fw’ command that allows you to debug only in the specific context
    R75.40VS and above = the debug has to be run in the specific context (vsenv ; fw ctl debug -m …)

    Application Control and other new blades are exactly what I need to document
    The good thing is that there identical flags in many new modules – less information to collect for me

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