2013 CPX Questions

So I’m heading out to 2013 CPX in DC this year again. If you ever read my posts from 2012 How to Attend CPX  and CPX review, the conference is mostly rah-rah but the true value is getting to The Developers! If you approach it right you will run into a gold-mine of fantastic people and knowledge base.

These are the questions I’ve been picking up from my customers and self that I will hunt down this year. Please feel free to add to the list. If you going to the conference and want to meet up, just drop me a line.

  1. How does OPSEC SIC work in MDM environment? Is there a global cert that enables LEA for all domains?
  2. How does packet processing work with multiple blades. Is it done in parallel
  3. Compare PA global management against CP global management
  4. Memory model – Why is 64-bit so restricted to limited amounts of memory like 64Gbs. Why does old 32 bit recognize 64g of memory, and so does 64-bit, but how do we know if/not they are using the memory.
  5. Disk space – Why didn’t kernel recognize > 2Tb and 1K blocks
  6. NAT and packet flow through VSX. HOw is it different than R65? How does the kernel keep the virtual spaces different if at all.
  7. Issues with R75.40 VSX we should know about or work around (advanced routing?)
  8. MDM enhancements?
  9. SmartLog enhancements
  10. What is in VSX R75.40? New architecture? What are problems we should avoid?
  11. Kernel flow of packet: firewall to IPS to application control to DLP,etc all separate processes?
  12. The world is going virtual, away from routed and switched fabric. Now CP is heading into appliances at the tail end of the appliance craze…chasing the market. What is the next step into the virtual world, integrating into VMware? VMware should buy CP seems like the answer.
  13. Why is Identity Awareness so hard? Why do Identity’s keep dropping? What are some better debug tools? What do the existing tools really do? What is the underlying architecture?
  14. Why does clustering fail over when pushing
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