Lesson Learned – Enable core dumps

School of Hard Knocks.

Put this into your install procedures. Enable core dumps so that when your firewall starts rebooting magically at 1am, you don’t have to go into panic mode trying to figure out how to get a core dump for analysis. If you do this now you will save about 24 hours of your life (and sleep).

No impact on reliability or performance. Works on SPLAT and GAIA:

========== OS level core dump ===========================

#add crashkernel=64M@16M to grub.conf

#chkconfig --level 3 kdump on

sk44186 – Enable generation of kernel core dump file on Check Point Security Gateway on SecurePlatform / Gaia running R7x

============ USER level core dump ===================

To get a USER level core dump check out this command:

# um_core enable or #ulimit -c unlimited

sk18307 – Enabling the generation of User Mode core dump files on SecurePlatform OS

This should be enabled by default but it is not.


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