NTP has changed on GAIA. SPLAT had its own convoluted cpd_sched daemon to schedule NTP polls. GAIA is using the normal Linux NTPD daemon to do its work. Thank you!

If you need to dink around with NTP, you use the standard Unix commands:

ntpdate -u <IP address> # force a sync
ntpq -pn # displays the poll times in seconds, if all columns are ‘0’ you are not syncing

NOTE that if you dink with /etc/ntp.conf, you better write protect it so GAIA does not overwrite it when it boots.

Now to reset the ntp poll times, you can still use

# set to 1 hour 3600 seconds

ntp -n 3600

and a file will be created in /etc/sysconfig/ntp that contains this config into. This file survives reboots and is used to reset the NTPd parameters. This command will enter the ‘ntpdate’ command into the cpd_sched_config list to run every 3600 seconds and poll for NTP time.

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