Performance Boosts

I learned this at CPX.

So you have 1 gateway that is a total dog and you are looking at GAIA and that sleek 64-bit kernel handling 50 gajillion magawatts of power.  Drool Drool Drool.

But now you have to upgrade. Oh geez, now I have to upgrade my management. Oh geez, new OS, so now I have to train people. UGH!!!! And then it blows up on the launch pad. Oh Oh.

Here are some tips from the backroom.

1) Look at your high performance, INSPECT intensive traffic: HTTP? H323?: Well everytime that packet hits a “ANY” service the kernel goes through the WHOLE list of INSPECT services to see if it should INSPECT it to death. This takes time, memory, etc.

Instead create a special rule for that service AND on the “advanced service” tab, remove it from the “Remove from Any” rule.

Whaaala: Our client went from 1G/sec throughput to 9.5G/sec throughput

2) NOTE: Global-Properties->Statefull Inspection->Timeouts: Crank these down to create more space in the connection table. Note that the specific SERVICE timeouts override the Global Properties ones.

Whaaaalaaa: You can put off GAIA a couple more days.


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